Transgo RFE-7B-HP, 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE, 68RFE Reprogramming Kit 1999-2010.

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Transgo RFE-7B-HP, 45RFE, 545RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE, 68RFE Reprogramming Kit. Perfect for diesel and Hemi V8. Fits 1999-2010

TransGo RFE high pressure kits allow increased engine horsepower and torque via aftermarket tuners and other mods without the driveability side effects and cost associated with external transmission PCM programming.

Built for performance and designed for durability, TranGo’s new Tuneless Technology high pressure kits are compatible with all 45RFE, 5-45RFE, 65RFE, 66RFE and 68RFE transmissions and includes everything you need to internally reprogram a more robust transmission capable of handling today’s aftermarket engine performance additions, such as tuners, chips or programmers.

Included with the many performance and tow upgrades is an optional triple-disc converter calibration valve, for use with triple-disc converters to modulate the apply rate of the converter clutch, preventing harsh lockup engagement complaints without diminishing the increased holding power benefits.

High pressure without side effects.

A re-engineered converter clutch charge system provides graduated TCC apply pressure increases with a built-in safety relief system to prevent converter ballooning. Re-calibrated pressure curve mirrors driver throttle position and torque demand, delivering shorter, cleaner shifts at all throttle openings without harsh or erratic shift feel and bind-ups. These patent-pending internally balanced calibrations provide progressive and seamless clutch apply pressure increases to 210 psi max, a 30% increase over the OEM 160 psi max.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in