T-0519AC, A4LD Torque Converter Alignment Tool

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5R55N – 5R55W – 5R55S

Jaguar – Lincoln LS – Explorer – Mountaineer – Thunderbird

Torque Converter Alignment Tool

  • No more vibration complaints

  • No More premature converter, bushing, and/ or pump failure

  • From the first time to well beyond to the hundredth, this tough tool will always align exactly

Three Unique Features

  1. The T-0519AC incorporates a durable Dupont Delrin bushing that maintains the snug fit while not galling, slightly tapered, easing installation and removal.

  2. Precision machined to exact specifications, it features access holes to allow proper torque sequence with the tool installed.

  3. Tool is longer at one end to fit into the case’s starter pocket for a non-spin final torque!

This tool is a must for any serious transmission builder or shop

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions14 × 8 × 9 in