Sonnax 22771-HDK3 Throttle Valve Kit, 46RE / 47RE / 48RE / 727 / 904

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46RE / 47RE / 48RE  /  727 /  904

Heavy Duty Throttle Valve Kit

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  • Valve
  • Plunger
  • Balance Spring
  • Spring Shims (3) Performance Use Only
  • Alternative TV Spring Performance Use Only
  • Sleeve

Kit designed to work in all Chrysler RWD models, including 2005-later units with motorized linkage.

Common complaints with listed Chrysler units are shift timing concerns, throttle buzz, poor kickdown and/or early upshifts caused by valve and sleeve wear. The OE aluminum throttle plunger stem wears from contacting the steel linkage pivot. Damage to the end of the throttle plunger creates a side load that binds the plunger and restricts the movement of the throttle valve. Plunger side loading also damages the sleeve that guides the plunger. The sleeve wears as a result of the side load and creates leakage of detent pressure. Loss of detent pressure reduces kickdown that should occur during wide-open throttle. Sonnax heavy duty throttle valve kit 22771-HDK3 is ideal for use when earlier wide open throttle shift points are desired. The plunger valve inner stem is shorter and prevents the throttle valve from being pinned to bottom of bore at heavy throttle positions. This reduces the need to back off the throttle to get a unit to shift and reduces gear hunting when pulling heavy loads.

  • Restores and extends line pressure response and shift timing
  • Sleeve, valve and spring made from hardened steel for better wear resistance
  • Spring shims and alternative spring allow adjustment of TV pressure and throttle valve control for performance use. See instructions for details on customizing TV pressure.

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