The 68RFE Billet M3GA Drum!

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#68RFEM3GA. Is the world to be turned upside down again?  We certainly think so!  PATC is proud to announce there latest business relationship with none other than Sun Coast transmissions.  We can’t think of no better way to showcase the possibilities of this new relationship than the introduction of the latest and greatest showpiece to leave the CNC machine.  The 68RFE M3GA Drum!

 Since the 68RFE hit the market, everybody in the High Performance transmission community has fought the demons associated with the Overdrive / Underdrive clutches in these units.  The final solution has arrived.  This Beautiful piece of billet artwork will satisfy even the most demanding coal rollers out there today.  Starting from a single piece of 6061 billet aircraft grade aluminum to the drum you see before you, every aspect of this drum has been meticulously thought out.

 The SunCoast drum offers you the ultimate in performance and durability for your 6.7L Cummins.  Boasting 51% more surface apply area than a stock 68RFE drum, the oversized double sided SunCoast designed clutches are the key to success in getting these 68RFE’s to hold.  The oversized clutches are housed in the patented billet inner and outer “M3GA” drum setup, to utilize every square inch of available real estate inside of the transmission.  The drum is highly modified with springs and orifices to correct the balance oil system in the overdrive circuit.  Not only are the clutches larger but the piston area was increased too.  The stock drum at 80 PSI line pressure has 1791 PSI applying the clutches.  Our M3GA drum at 80 PSI line pressure has 2762 PSI so you can see the larger diameters really make a huge difference in holding force.  With 200lbs of line pressure, this number goes from OEM 4479 PSI to 6909 PSI.  The pressure plates were not only designed with a larger diameter for larger clutch area, but also for the strength which is why billet heat treated forgings were used to machine the pressure plates.  All billet hard parts are designed and manufactured in house at SunCoast, as a result of endless hours of research and development you now have the largest apply area and clutch design on the market.  This drum also comes with a revised separator plate and modified pressure regulator valve.  There is a $100 core charge added in the price for the PR Valve.

Key Features:

  • Manufactured from T-6061 Billet aircraft grade Aluminum

  • 51% Larger friction surface area than anything else on the planet!

  • 54% increase in hydraulic apply area

  • Solid double sided friction material

  • Ion treated steels for increased rigidity


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