TH400 transmissions 1965 up. Combo Kit comes with parts used in our Level 4 TH400 Mega Raptor transmission. #K400L4

$ 3712.00 $ 3341.00

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#K400L4.  Fits all GM TH400 transmissions 1965 up. This Combo Kit comes with all of the parts we use in our level 4 400 Mega Raptor transmission. You can buy other small parts and a torque converter at the same 10% discount rate. You get a high performance Fairbanks TransAction Shift Kit, a 36 element oversize sprag and drum with 4 times the holding power of the stock 16 element sprag, the front intermediate band is replaced with a wider 4L80E black carbon fiber band, an Alto Red Eagle master rebuild kit with red clutches, Kolene steels and all three Power Packs – – forward – – intermediate and direct, plus a free PATC shirt. Plus you get a hardened Billet steel input shaft, drum and the billet forward clutch hub comes with bearings. You also get the 2.75 to 1 first gear ratio, oversize center support with a larger intermediate piston that has 9% more holding force, a center support brace to prevent case lug blow- out, and the intermediate shaft is made from 300 Maraging steel to prevent breakage. This combination is good for motors with 1200+ horse power or someone that just wants the best of everything. Buy a torque converter below rated for your power level, vehicle weight / type and with the correct stall speed needed. There’s a 10% discount on this level 4 TH400 Combo Kit plus you get a free T-shirt. Add $458.00 for 2.97 gears in comment box.  Regular price with 2.75 gear.

Part Number: 20812           

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Performance torque converters can be bought as low as $196.00 for the #7 converter if you buy this kit.

#8. 600 HP, Cost $446.00 – with level 2 TH400 only#6X-400. 800 HP, Cost $674.00 – with level 2 TH400 only#550. 1000 HP, Cost $495.00 – with level 2 TH400 only#6X-400-S. 1200 HP, Cost $854.00 – with level 2 TH400 only#13MH. Heavy Truck / Motor Home, Cost $563.00 – with level 2 TH400 only


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