TH400 Stage-1 Red and Kolene Super Master Kit RMCSKSG1K-012 1965-1990

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SKU: RB RMCSKSG1K-012, CL RCPS03, STMGM03K, TS OHK 3400AF, R BND 3LR B34024E, F BND 5-10, TW 34200, BUSH 5B 34030, FLT F17 A34010B, Categories: , Tags: ,


TH400 Stage-1 Red Clutches and Kolene Steels Super Master Kit Raybestos RMCSKSG1K-012 1965-1990.


Stage-1 Red Friction Clutch Pack, Kolene Steel Clutch Pack, Transmission Filter, 2 Bands, Thrust Washer Kit, Bushing Kit, Performance Overhaul Kit

Built for performance by Raybestos Powertrain. THM400 performance transmission rebuild kit utilizes Stage-1 red friction clutch plate material to deliver the competitive power and performance you need on the street, on the track and off-road. GPZ friction material improves performance and durability by withstanding high stress, high temperatures, and repeated cycling.

Recommended Use:

Front-wheel and rear-wheel drive street-strip, “tuner” and off-road performance applications

Additional information

Weight 18 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 18 × 6 in