* Superior K098. 4T65E Transmission AFL Valve Repair Kit.

$ 43.00

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Superior K098. 4T65E AFL Valve Repair Kit.

Complaint: Sets various Codes, most notably the “P1811” Max Adapt or Long Shift completion , or various T.C.C. slip / error codes. Can also cause 2ND gear starts. CAUSE: Low Pressure from AFL signal / balance oil leaks resulting from valve bore wear – specifically, from the small end of the balance side of the valve bore in the channel plate casting.

CORRECTION: Install Superior’s #K098 AFL VALVE FIX! The newly Designed AFL valve and spring combo, along with a simple cup plug, will stop the leak!

And since the valve’s “Superior” design spreads the loads across the entire length of the rear casting, it’s a long term “Simple Solution”, sure to stop wear and leaks in it’s tracks!

This valve kit is quick and easy to install without purchasing extra tools, reamers or costly replacement valves and sleeves. 

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Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in