* Sonnax Solenoid Stabilization Retainer Clip. SX 105740-19K. 10L80/90/10R80/140

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The heavy linear force solenoids (LFS) in listed GM and Ford 10-speed transmissions are held in place by small spring retainers that are prone to collapse. When the retainers collapse, the solenoid wobbles in the bore, causing damage to the casting at the clutch valve bore opening. These LFSs actuate by extending a small pintle about .090″ to stroke the inboard clutch control valve. When the spring retainer collapses and the LFS is off-center, the pintle cannot stroke the clutch control valve appropriately, resulting in shift complaints and converter issues. Valve body damage can also occur if the LFSs remain loose, resulting in valve damage during rebuild.

Sonnax solenoid stabilization retainer 105740-19K replaces OE clips and provides 32% more surface area to create more support for the solenoid. Another design upgrade is the top of the clip is rolled over to create a positive stop for the flexible side to land against, furthering the prevention of retainer collapse.

  • 32% More casting-to-solenoid surface area for better support and leverage
  • Positive stop retainer feature to prevent collapse
  • Drop-in Zip Valve™ parts install quickly and easily


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