* Sonnax 4L80E Sure Cure Transmission Reconditioning Kit

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Sonnax 4L80E Sure Cure Transmission Reconditioning Kit.

Sonnax Part Number: SC-4L80E

SC-4L80E. Sonnax 4L80E Sure Cure Transmission Reconditioning Kit. Sure Cure Kits combine “the best” Sonnax products into one box.

Sonnax Sure Cure kit SC-4L80E, fully compatible with ’91-later GM 4L80-E and 4L85-E units, is a comprehensive reconditioning package featuring the best Sonnax products developed to help rebuilders restore and enhance transmission performance. Sure Cure components are the same Sonnax parts sold individually to resolve common valve body complaints as well as other transmission problems. The high-quality Sonnax parts in each Sure Cure kit repair worn areas and protect the transmission against future damage. Plus, each kit comes with easy-to-read, step-by-step installation guide that covers the inspection and repair of the most critical areas of the valve body.

  • Restore shift quality and reduce comebacks
  • Repairs biggest trouble areas to reduce comebacks
  • Includes step-by-step instructions for comprehensive valve/pump body restoration
  • Get everything you need for restoring troublesome units in one place, at one cost

  • Stator Support Bushing
  • O-Ringed End Plugs Small
  • O-Ringed End Plugs (2) Medium
  • O-Ringed End Plugs Large
  • Boost Valve Kit
  • Actuator Feed Limit Valve Kit
  • TCC Regulator Valve Kit
  • 1-2 Shift Valve Spring
  • 2-3 Shift Valve Spring
  • Case Bushing
  • Endplay Shim
  • Endplay Washer
  • Checkballs (8)


  • 77754-TL


  • Burnt converter
  • Bushing walks out
  • Case damage
  • Clutch failure
  • Band failure
  • Solenoid performance codes
  • Broken parts due to excessive line pressure
  • Buzzing noise
  • Metal contamination
  • Output shaft & case damage
  • High line pressure
  • Uncontrollable line rise
  • 2-3 Neutral
  • 3-4 Neutral
  • No 4th
  • 2nd Gear starts
  • Wrong gear starts
  • Converter shudder
  • TCC apply & release concerns
  • TCC slip codes


Loss of oil pressure due to worn components in critical oil circuits and/or lube related failure.


The parts in this Sure Cure kit repair and restore key areas most prone to TCC-related transmission problems and other issues affecting shift quality.

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