Powerglide Smart-Tech 10-Clutch Drum Kit 28756-25K

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Smart-Tech¬ 10-Clutch Drum Kit

Part No. 28756-25K

  • Smart-Tech 10-Clutch Drum
  • Smart-Tech 10-Clutch Piston
  • 10-Clutch Hub
  • Thrust Bearing
  • Bushing PTFE Coated, Installed
  • High Clutch Return Springs (24)
  • Clutch Drum Spring Retainer
  • Retaining Ring Small
  • Inner & Outer Lip Seals Not Shown
  • Shim

Smart-Tech 10-clutch drum kit 28756-25K features Sonnax’s oversized piston with 35% more apply area than OE drums or Sonnax regular 10-clutch drum kits. The 35% larger piston increases both the engaging capacity and holding capacity of the 10-clutch system. Alternatively, it is possible to reduce line pressure or to use just seven frictions and have the same holding capacity as a regular 10-clutch drum, but with increased heat dissipation from thicker steels.

Sonnax 10-clutch drum kits are optimized for Powerglide performance applications. Using the patented Sonnax 10-clutch drum system, the drum and piston accept 10 frictions and 10 Kolene¬ steels, increasing lockup surface to allow significantly more torque than modified OE drums. The drum features a piston bore that is .060″ deeper for greater piston travel than was available from Sonnax 10-clutch drum kit 28755-08K (discontinued).

  • 35% More apply area
  • Use with your choice of frictions and steels
  • Excess material removed from high-strength, cast steel drum to reduce rotating mass
  • 6061 Forged aluminum piston will not crack at high operating pressure like cast pistons
  • Forged chromoly steel clutch hub


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in