CC,NUMBER-T116169A, ALLISON SK, 152986/T121165. SHIFT KIT, ALLISON 1000 LT1 /2000 / 2400, 2001-2005

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T121165/ 152986 ALLISON SK. SHIFT KIT, ALLISON 1000 LT1  /2000 / 2400, 5 SPEED 2001-2005

Allison Transgo Shift Kit for 2001- 2004 Allison 1000, 2000 and 2400 transmissions.

Heavy Duty Shift Kit for Allison 1000-2000-2400 Chevy and GMC (2001 to 2004). This kit is for working trucks, the street “show-off,” as well as competition. It prevents, reduces, and corrects: going to neutral under a load, slip, burned C2 or C3 clutches, and sticking in one gear. This kit contains Smart Clutch Control Valves for increased durability, drainback and pump priming kit, improved park pawl spring set up, and all the technical information needed. Handles up to 600 horse power. To install this kit the transmission must come out and be taken apart.

Fits 2001-2004 5 Speed Allison 1000-2400 series. Duramax Diesel Chevrolet, GMC Diesel/Gas Trucks Heavy Duty, Street, Show & Competition.

For later 6 Speed Allison use our other kit “SK Allison JR”

Includes our exclusive Smart Trim/Clutch Control valve assemblies and items to modify the C2 clutch piston for increased capacity and more durability. The C2 clutch is the weakest part of the early 5 Speed Allison

Addresses goes to neutral under load; 3-4 slip; burned C2 or C3 clutches; sticks in one gear; won’t move after extended parking; loss of pump prime; smart clutch control valves for increased durability; SHORT-CRISP-SMOOTH-upshifts and kickdowns.

Handles 500 Street Horsepower.

Installation recommendation: Experienced technician
Transmission removal necessary: Yes


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