#RCS-10-400 / 1982-2005 S10 CONVERSION CROSSMEMBER TO TH400 OR 200-R4

$ 299.00

#RCS-10-400 / 1982-2005 S10 CONVERSION CROSSMEMBER TO TH400 OR 200-R4


When you convert your S10 chassis to accommodate your V8, there are always unforeseen issues that have to be addressed. Bolting your transmission to a crossmember and channeling the exhaust off the headers is no longer one of those issues. This crossmember is a direct bolt-in, provides all kinds of room for your exhaust, and guess what, it actually works! No disappointments like you’ve experienced with other products. Just bolt it in and go.

NOTE: Crossmember is only for REAR WHEEL DRIVE (2WD) applications
and fits the following transmissions: TH400 / 200-R4. Finished in a black powder coat. Includes new mounting hardware. Purchase transmission mount separately.

Important Note:  Some S10 Blazers have a frame configuration that mounts on top of the frame rail for both the driver and passenger sides.  The G-Force Performance crossmember is designed to bolt through the side of the passenger frame rail and will not work for the “top frame” configuration. See Diagram with install notes.