Allison 1000/2000 Complete Set of Raybestos TorqKits RCPTK-1000. Fits 1999-2010 Allison 1000/2000 Transmissions.

$ 759.00

Add Allison 1000 2005-Back Overhaul Kit #121002A ? *

Overhaul Kits (w/ Rings & Seals), w/ Pistons (except Gen4) (00-05)

Add Allison 1000 2006-2009 Overhaul Kit #121002B ? *

Overhaul Kits (w/ Rings & Seals), w/ Pistons (Gen4) (2006-2009)


Allison 1000 / Allison 2000, Complete Set of Raybestos TorqKits #RCPTK-1000. Fits 1999-2010 Allison 1000 / Allison 2000 Transmissions.

This is a complete set of Raybestos Powertrain Torqkits including multiple TorqKits and a Super Pak. With an enhanced shift feel, increased torque capacity, and smooth engagements. Raybestos Powertrain drop-in TorqKits are designed to help tear up the drag strip, bust through the mud, and pull towards success. This kit includes the C 5 reds and steels. Thickness of steels .098 The Allison 1000 “MaxPower Kit” is the strongest clutch and steel combo made for a Allison 1000 transmission. “MaxPower Kit” Where to buy PATC 1-888-2012066

Contains a Super Pak with Stage-1 Red friction components manufactured with a unique blend of high energy fibers for smooth engagements and high temperature durability.

Contains TorqKits numbers RTK-1001, RTK-1002, RTK-1016, RTK-1017 and Super Pak number RSP-005.


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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 6 in