Raybestos #RCPS-16 6L90E Stage-1 Red Clutch Module. Comes with #RZP-005 3-5-Reverse Z-Pack with GPZ Clutches. 2007-Up. Upgrades Available Here

$ 366.00

Add 6L90E OE Steel Module #605 ? *

Add 6L90E Kolene Steel Module #STMGM09K ? *

Add 6L90E Overhaul Kit without Pistons #P10400B ? *

Add 6L90E Overhaul Kit with Pistons #P10400BP ? *

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Raybestos #RCPS-16 6L90E Stage-1 Red Clutch Module 2007-Up. Comes with #RZP-005 6L90E 3-5-Reverse Z-Pack with GPZ Clutches

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Weight13 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 5 in