Raybestos Powerglide Kolene Steel Module # STMGM01K 1962-1973

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Raybestos Powerglide Kolene Steel Module # STMGM01K 1962-1973.

Raybestos Powertrain Kolene steel clutch plates are high quality engineered high performance products. Kolene is a salt bath nitriding process. In generic terms, it is a thermochemical diffusion process, whereby ferrous parts are processed in molten salt with a specific nitrogen potential. In plain English, it provides a surface treatment that enhances wear and fatigue resistance from 200% to 500%. Kolene plates are higher heat resistant and offer increased lubricity. Kolene is a registered trademark of the Kolene Corporation.


  • Enhances wear resistance 200% to 500%
  • Enhances fatigue resistance 200% to 500%
  • Higher heat resistance
  • Increased lubricity
  • Surface treated
  • Engineered for high performance
  • Superior clutch durability

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