Raybestos Number RCP96-295 C6 GRAPHITIC CLUTCH MODULE 1966-1967E

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Recommended Use: OE Replacement

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Raybestos Number RCP96-295 C6 GRAPHITIC CLUTCH MODULE 1966-1967E. Raybestos Powertrain Ford C6 Clutch Pack Module. RCP96-295 features 5 Forward Graphitic, 5 Direct Graphitic and 6 Low/Reverse tan Friction Clutch Plates.


  • Superior shift feel and performance
  • Smoother engagement characteristics
  • Improved clutch life
  • Reduced debris contamination
  • Increased energy loading capacity
  • Durability under tough conditions
  • Made In USA

OE Replacement

Graphitic friction material releases heat slowly and evenly to reduce warping. Its strong friction-resin matrix helps to increase clutch strength.

Recommended Use:

Limited-slip differentials, off-highway, bus and truck applications where greater durability is needed and shift quality is less of a concern.

Features & Benefits:

  • Paper-based friction material with graphite, which stores more heat until the engagement is complete
  • Releases heat slowly and evenly for reduced warping
  • Strong friction-resin matrix to increase material strength


Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 16 × 4 in