Raybestos 6L80E High Energy Clutch Pack Module #RCP96-189

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rcp96-189 raybestos high performance 6l80 clutch

Raybestos 6L80E High Energy Clutch Pack Module #RCP96-189.

Raybestos 6L80E clutch pack Module. This Raybestos 6L80E transmission clutch module contains all the clutches to rebuild your 6l80E unit. This Module kit contains the frictions in all clutch packs. Steel Modules are sold separately below. These frictions are made with Raybestos High energy clutches, with their high energy friction material. The higher friction coefficients in these clutches make them a nice alternative to stock. This kit can be used with either steel modules listed below. Clutch count will remain the same as factory with this kit

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Weight5 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 7 in