#4L80E-3. Quadzilla 4L80E Reprogramming Kit – Full manual shifts

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#4L80E-3. Quadzilla 4L80E Reprogramming  Kit Full manual shifts – the transmission will be in the gear you select and changes to any gear you choose when you move the selector. No computer or wiring needed, rated at 900 + horse power and has full throttle 3-4 up-shifts. This is the Street Rod transmission of the future, as more and more people install motors with over 500 horse power. Transgo #4L80E-3.

FITS:  4L80E, 4L85E, 91-09
FEATURES: Stick shift; Upgraded for easier install 11-2009 Full race, Competition, Off road and Pro-street. Full manual control. New triple layer Plate design with Dual feed Direct Clutch. If you have some POWER: It’ll rattle your teeth. Easier Installation!!
Assistance Video
Includes: 48-MOD Vacuum Modulator Kit for Proper Pressure Rise
Special Instructions: Does not require transmission removal for proper installation.



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