200-4R Transmission: Level 3 – ” 200 Raptor ” high performance Grand National type 200-4R, 500 HP Rated, many upgrades

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 Level 3, 200-4R / ” 200 Raptor ” high performance Grand National Type 200-R4. 500 HP Rated

 This high performance Grand National type 200-4R comes with a larger than stock intermediate billet servo which gives firmer 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. This Superior / Fairbanks servo has an 11% larger apply area than the Grand National servo. It comes with the Mega Valve that raises the fluid pressure and gives a firmer shift and more holding power in all the gears, elevated pressure regulator spring, high output pump slide spring and an oversize low / reverse boost valve. These are the valves you’ve heard about. All of our Level 3 high performance 200-4R transmissions come with a performance Transgo Shift Kit installed and a heat treated sun gear shell. The stock seven-vane pump is replaced with a 10 or thirteen-vane high performance / high volume pump. Included is a 4th gear converter lock-up switch. The stock intermediate band is replaced with a black carbon fiber band. Also included in this package deal is a heavy-duty balanced stall converter that has furnace-brazed fins, a Sonnax carbon fiber clutch and needle bearings for added strength (#2). This stall converter can be ordered with stall speeds of 1800, 2000, 2300, 2600 or 2800 RPM and gives a faster launch than a stock converter. It also comes with a universal-fit throttle-valve cable and dip stick. The 200-4R transmission will fit all GM motors that have full size bell housings. This is a perfect choice, if you have a non-Chevy motor. You can expect a 30 to 40% increase in gas mileage (over a 3-speed) on the road. Every Transmission Tested on the PATC Dyno. Good for motors up to 500 horse power using pump gasoline, see chart below. This level 3 200-4R transmission comes with our hardened input drum and shaft. Plus it has all Alto Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels.

Compare all of these features with any other performance 200-4R transmission on the market. Why pay this much or more without getting all of the good parts?

Every Transmission Tester on the PATC Dyno.


TransmissionLevel 1 – “Stock Plus” Mega ValveLevel 2 – 200 Reptoid Level 3 – 200 RaptorLevel 4 – 200 Mega Raptor
Torque Converter#1 with welded fins#2 Carbon Fiber Clutch#2 Carbon Fiber Clutch#5X Carbon Fiber Clutch
Throttle Valve CableNoYesYesYes
Dip Stick and TubeNoYesYesYes
Alto Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene SteelsNoNoYesYes, plus a direct clutch Red Eagle Power Pack.
BandStockBlack Carbon FiberBlack Carbon FiberAlto Wide Black Carbon Fiber
Shift Correction Kit / Shift KitSuperiorSuperiorStage 2 Shift KitStage 2 Shift Kit
Oversize Pressure Valve – .500″YesYesYesYes
Elevated Pressure Regulator SpringNoYesYesYes
Free CoolerNoYesYesYes
Stall Speeds1800 to 2300/25001800, 2000, 2300, 2600, 28001800, 2000, 2300, 2600, 28002000 to 4000
Speedometer GearsExtraExtraExtraExtra
#54 Hardened ShaftNoNoYesYes
11% Oversize ServoNoYesYesYes
Performance Pump Slide SpringNoYesYesYes
Oversize Lo/Rev Boost ValveNoYesYesYes
Heat Treated ShellYesYesYesYes
13 Vane Pump on RequestNoYesYesYes
4th Gear Lock-Up OnlyStock WiringYesYesYes
Horse Power Rating250400500600
UpgradesPowder Coated Case and Pan, #54X Billet Shaft, Speedometer Gears, MegaRaptor-1, #2X or #5X Converter

Transmission ratings are for non-supercharged systems using pump gasoline. Superchargers, Nitrous, Oversize Tires and Weight will change these ratings.


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