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 35RPP. The evolution of the 6L80 / 6L90 3-5-R Phoenix Super Pack has been a storied one. Our first power packs we developed were the single sided clutches back in 2008. While we found these to be a great upgrade for stock or mildly modified vehicles, when serious horsepower was applied we found we had some release issues on the 3-4 shift. This is crucial because as the 3-5-R releases the 4-5-6 is being applied. Through gallons of transmission fluid and countless rebuilds we found increasing the clearance in this pack helped quite a bit. This kept the clutches from dragging when hot as well. We later added the anti-drag rubber cushions that give each individual clutch it’s own tolerance. This formula which is widely used now (Industry Standard) works well on vehicles under 600 hp. As the introduction of the larger cube positive displacement superchargers, the LSA platform and other power adders became much more common we found a new anomaly. The theory behind the single sided 3-5-R clutches, or any single sided clutch is that it gives more surface area for pressure to be applied, also the thinner clutches / steels allows more to be stacked in the same amount of area. This is a great solution for people not wanting to machine internals. However we had limits, and in our industry these are supposed to be broken. Why cant we last past 600 hp? What we found was that the amount of apply pressure needed for enough clamping force to hold 700 HP was causing the clutches to cone. Even with the return of the waved plate to this power pack we still saw the same issue. Time to change directions, but with our 1st generation 3-5-R we had achieved a lot. We had developed a better clutch friction material (improved friction coefficient), more surface area (higher clutch count), and we found out opening up these clutches with the correct software algorhythems (most important) proved to be a very reliable product up to 600 hp. In a stock vehicle or a work truck these proved to be phenomenal.

  In 2009 we began plans on a new Power Pack. Our goals were to create a Power Pack that we could do the following with:

  • Remove the wave plate to allow more friction

  • Utilize a large Kolene Treated HTSR apply plate and Kolene steel that gives us nice even apply

  • Maintain correct apply geometry with apply pressures greater than 250 PSI

  • Reliably hold over 1,000 HP

  • Utilize everything we had learned with our 1st Generation 6L80 / 6L90 3-5-R Power Pack

 Fast forward to today and we have delivered exactly what we were looking for. This latest 6L80 3-5-R power pack will withstand 9 second passes along with daily commuting to work. We have the vehicles and references to testify with this. No machining is required, but can be performed to accommodate additional clutches. This new 6L80 / 6L90 clutch pack will include Kolene steels, 6 double sided Alto Red Eagle frictions, and the rubber anti-drag spacers. These spacers fit in the machined slots on the steels and provide each individual clutch the correct clearance.

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