Powerglide 1.65 Ratio Extreme Planetary Assembly Kit Number 28165G-06

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Powerglide 1.65 Ratio Extreme Planetary Assembly Kit

Part No. 28165G-06

  • Ratio: 1.65
  • Flange Tooth Count: 24
  • Gear Process Level: Extreme
  • Shaft Length Option: OE
  • Material: 300M Rolled Spline Shaft

Sonnax 1.65 ratio Extreme planetary assembly kit 28165G-06 is based off the innovative 1.58 ratio architecture fitted with 1.80 style 12DP gears. This is the lowest numerical ratio 12DP gear set for the Powerglide that does not rely on troublesome stepped or timed pinion gears.

Sonnax Extreme series are the best quality Powerglide planetary assemblies for the most demanding applications. Rated above 1,500 horsepower, Extreme assemblies come with:

  • Premium, Advanced Process 9310 sun and pinion gears. The front and rear sun gears undergo an additional Dry Film Lubricant (DFL) treatment to reduce spalling and improve longevity.
  • 300M rolled spline output shafts in OE or short lengths
  • High strength steel-backed, PTFE thrust washers
  • Maximum duty ring gear
  • 24-Tooth billet drum flange designed to work exclusively with the Sonnax reverse clutch kit

The gears and shafts in Extreme series gear sets are covered by a two-year warranty.

NOTE: Requires one of the following Sonnax 24-tooth high gear clutch drums 28756-01, 28756-08, 28756-01K, 28756-08, 28756-15K or 28756-16K.


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Weight 17 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 18 in