Gear, Powerglide Premium Gear Set 169S-K

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Gear, Powerglide Premium Gear Set

Part No. 169S-K

  • 1:69 Ratio Planetary Ring Gear
  • Flanged Front Sun Gear (12-Tooth)
  • Rear Sun Gear
  • Long Pinion Gears (3)
  • Short Pinion Gears (3)

1.69 Ratio, 12-Tooth

  • Ratio: 1.69
  • Flange Tooth Count: 12
  • Gear Process Level: Premium

Sonnax Premium gears sets are a big step up from standard case-hardened and tempered gears. Our top-quality racing gear material (SAE9310) combined with a freeze-tempering process (-150ÁF) result in gears with improved grain structure and stability which are tougher and more wear resistant. Each gear set includes a flanged sun gear and a ring gear. The flange is machined from billet, not a stamped piece. The flange is broached and matched to the sun gear for a precise press fit that does not require welding.

Additional information

Weight 8 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in