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_DSC1387.JPG (222411 bytes)          PATC Transmission Dyno

_DSC2965.JPG (1569652 bytes)  _DSC2971.JPG (1739893 bytes)  _DSC2968.JPG (1239213 bytes)  _DSC2973.JPG (1420629 bytes)  _DSC2974.JPG (1425217 bytes)  _DSC2978.JPG (1176155 bytes)  _DSC2980.JPG (1079600 bytes)  _DSC2982.JPG (523713 bytes)  _DSC2984.JPG (838162 bytes)  All PATC performance torque converters are manufactured in-house. This is some of the machinery in our torque converter shop. For a limited time PATC is looking for torque converter Dealers.

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2009 Pinks All Out

Ron Flores (“Driver”) pictured with car. Second from the left. Best time 9.60 seconds at 144 MPH.


This 1932 Ford had a 700 Raptor Transmission installed on 8-9-2002. He drove 1,000 miles for a 700 Raptor! This is a 430 horse power Chevy V-6 blower motor.

1932 Steel Body, Glass Fenders, Roof Filled And Covered, Classic Gauges, Vintage Heat And Air, 4 Link 9″ Ford Rear(350 Gears), Raptor R7004 Transmission, Disk Brakes All Corners, Chevy 4.3V6 W/471 Huffer From Hampton Blowers Developing 430HP, This is where the name onebadsix came from. I have put 5,000 miles on car with no problems, and with the overdrive it gets good gas mileage.(When you keep your foot out of the carb) If you find yourself next to this car at a red light, YOU MAY GET BLOWN AWAY!!!!!!!!

HPIM0384.jpg (647705 bytes)  HPIM0387.jpg (685978 bytes)  HPIM0385.jpg (846016 bytes)  HPIM0386.jpg (575600 bytes)This is Kent Kottler’s 1941 Willys. It has a Chevy 502 cubic inch / 550 horse power big block in front of our lever 3, 700 Raptor transmission with the Torque Drive upgrade. July 28, 2004

Update: June 1, 2009.  hey don…..just a quick up-date… my trans from you for my 41 willys about 2004, have been running it without any trouble since…by the way thanks for putting my car on your web site…kent kottler.

PATC Quadzilla transmission in the Dobbertin HydroCar.

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Local T-Bucket with a 400 horse power small block Chevy motor and 350 Raptor transmission.

Barry Avery’s 1990 Corvette has a 700 Raptor Junior transmission.

71Chevelle.jpg (210785 bytes)  71Chevelle-2.jpg (194323 bytes)

Ron Austin’s 1969 Chevelle has a 700 Raptor Junior transmission.

MudRaptor.jpg (54851 bytes)  MudRaptor2.jpg (82935 bytes)  MudRaptor3.jpg (78196 bytes)  WhiteTruck.jpg (68166 bytes)Check out this 700-E Raptor at the Mud Races! This transmission lasted 3 years under these conditions and only failed when the rear end locked up.

Jason Bailey, Hazlehurst Ms.


The Finished Product, left click to enlarge. David Mitchell’s 1998 Firebird.

1998 to 2002, Convert your 4L60E transmission to a 400 Raptor transmission.

HPIM0249.jpg (809887 bytes)   HPIM0250.jpg (947494 bytes) HPIM1017.JPG (869428 bytes)

This is a 700 Raptor Junior transmission in a 1933 Ford frame.

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Phillip Moore’s 1932 Ford with a Chevy motor.

Kent Ellender Junior’s 1990 Astro Van has a 400 horse power 383 V8 motor and a 700 Raptor transmission.

87Corvette.jpg (163848 bytes)

David Spain’s 1987 Corvette has a level 1, 700R4 transmission.

DCP02878.jpg (161043 bytes)  DCP02880.jpg (192323 bytes)  DCP02885.jpg (194565 bytes)

This tank has one of our level 2, 200-4R transmissions.

hello don, thank you for that perfect part (raptor 700 e). my camaro runs very well with the new transmission. i send pictures for yours homepage. greetings from switzerland for the patc-team. jürg baumann

Camaro 001.jpg (387032 bytes)  Camaro 004.jpg (481654 bytes)  Camaro 005.jpg (486424 bytes)

This Big Block 500 horse power Chevelle had a Quadzilla installed at our shop 2-1-2002. This is the Street Rod transmission of the future, as more and more people install motors with over 500 horse power. The Quadzilla is the Maximum Overdrive.

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This is an orange powder coated Quadzilla transmission with an Atlas transfer case being installed into a Jeep with a Chevy 572 motor.

Building #1 on right. Building #2 on the left.

Building #3 – High performance transmission

building and shipping department.

    Building #4 – High Performance

transmission parts sales and shipping.

Transmission Building Room #1

HPIM0617.jpg (77259 bytes)  HPIM0616.jpg (71069 bytes)

Transmission  Rebuild  Room  #2  Above 

” Raptor Room ” 

Powder Coated Raptors with Cast Aluminum Pans

” A O Dominator “

AOD ” Dominator Junior “

Baby brother to the A O Dominator.

200-4R Transmission: Level 4 - " 200 Mega Raptor " high performance Grand National type 200-4R, 600 HP Rated, many hardened parts can be ordered for over 600 HP

” 200 Reptoid “

Better than the original Grand National transmission.

” 200 Raptor “

” Interceptor “

High Performance AODE / 4R70W !

BigTSEMA2004InteriorOutsideshot.jpg (87613 bytes) BigTSEMA2004VisonikBooth.jpg (64536 bytes) BigTSEMA2004EngineOutsideshot.jpg (136266 bytes) ModelWInterior2.jpg (69551 bytes) ModelWSideViewExterior.jpg (88837 bytes) DSC00010.jpg (1265072 bytes)One of the worlds fastest V6 Mustangs owned by Tony Favata and the power is delivered to the road with PATC’s Interceptor Extreme transmission. As seen on the Jay Leno show. Pictures from the 2004 SEMA show.

” 400 Raptor “

400 Transmission with LS1 Bolt Pattern

” Viper ” 

High Performance Dodge Transmissions

500 / 518 / 618 / 48RE

Madruga_31491PATC had one of our level 4 C6 transmissions in the BFG Racing team’s entry in the 2005 Baja 1000 race. This is a 2WD 1973 F150 with a Gear Vendors overdrive on the back of the transmission. And yes it did finish the race.

” 727 Viper “

This is our new 700R4 Bionic MegaRaptor torque converter with 1, 3 or 5 lock-up clutches !

AODE / 4R70W TrackDominator Converter, 9 1/2 inch lock-up, 1000 horse power rated.

“ Raptor Drive “

The new 700R4 hardened input shaft and drum!

The new 700R4 carrier shaft with bearings !


Dodge “Triple-Disk ” Triple Clutch Torque Converter

Ford  “Triple-Disk ” Triple Clutch Torque Converter

4L80E Transmissions

The PATC 4L80E Quadzilla transmission has been selected to be used in the Dobbertin HydroCar, Click Here!

Gear Venders 22% Overdrive

Buy a 700 Raptor transmission and get this T-Shirt free !

PATC Racing Team Member

A 23 year old Turbo Don in 1964 two years out of GM transmission school working on his 1939 Chevy coupe with 9,000 original miles. This car had a 1961 Corvette motor and a top speed of 135 MPH. I sold this car for $1,000 in 1965.

1949 Hudson Club Coupe with air conditioning. I sold this car in 1992 for $6,000, I must have had a loose screw.

PATC Racing Team – A Day at the Races, Hallsville Texas, May 17 – 2003

Hallsville11.jpg (197946 bytes)  Hallsville22.jpg (286418 bytes)  Hallsville26.jpg (223066 bytes)  Hallsville27.jpg (275414 bytes)  Hallsville28.jpg (244708 bytes) Hallsville29.jpg (237273 bytes)  Hallsville30.jpg (245819 bytes)

Hallsville2.jpg (213872 bytes)  Hallsville18.jpg (222643 bytes)  Hallsville13.jpg (257499 bytes)  Hallsville23.jpg (261585 bytes)  Hallsville32.jpg (317668 bytes)  Hallsville14.jpg (261030 bytes)  Hallsville15.jpg (222603 bytes)

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Over 2,500 Transmission Cores in Stock