* 4L80E Transmission. “Bionic 80” Performance 4L80E Transmission. Level 2 and 3.

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Will work with Gas or Diesel motors

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Bionic 80 Performance 4L80E Transmission

 This transmission has automatic shifts and a heavy duty / performance lock-up torque converter (#L80-LU).

Starting with one of the strongest transmissions on the planet we then add a Transgo stage two shift kit, Red Eagle clutches, Red Eagle Power Packs for the forward, intermediate and direct clutches, Kolene steels, Red Eagle clutches for the overdrive and overrun clutch sets. It has a Carbon fiber band and the 16 element intermediate sprag is replaced with a 34 element sprag.

Rated up to 1000 horsepower depending on upgrades. Add $150.00 for LS1 type bellhousing bolt pattern. Can be ordered with a PML cast aluminum pan.

Order the hardened input shaft if you have nitrous.

This transmission will take the place of a 4L60E transmission with the use of #10A Adapter kit below (LS1 type computer only).

For years now people have been looking for a way to replace the weaker 4L60E transmission with the stronger 4L80E transmission, well the time has come! 

This transmission and torque converter can be built for gas or diesel.

We now have a large number of 4WD H1 Hummer / Humvee SuperMatic 4L85E Military Transmissions code number 8KYP in stock.

4L80E Transmission – 4 Speed Chart Level 2 & 3 Bionic 80 Level 4 – Quadzilla Full Manual Shifts  
Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Yes Yes  
36% more clutch apply area in 1st, 2nd and 3rd Yes Yes  
Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels in Overdrive and Overrun, 25% more clutch apply area in Overdrive Yes Yes  
Automatic Shifts Yes No  
Full Manual Shifts No Yes  
Electronic Control Module Needed Yes No  
Lock-Up Torque Converter Yes No  
34 Element Sprag Yes Yes  
Carbon Fiber Band Yes Yes  
Shift Kit Transgo Stage 2 Stage 3, Full Manual Shifts  
Pre Tested on Dyno Yes Yes  
Hard Input Shaft Upgrade Upgrade  
Hard Clutch Hub Upgrade Upgrade  
Both 5 Pinion Planet Gears Upgrade Upgrade  
Cast Aluminum Pan Upgrade Upgrade  
Forward Clutch with 40% more apply area (1st) Yes Yes
Intermediate Clutch with 25% more apply area (2nd) Yes Yes  
Direct Clutch with 40% more apply area (3rd) Yes Yes  

Torque Converter, Input Shaft and Clutch Hub Upgrades Recommended if Over 500 Horse Power (mainly due to the torque converter)

Yes Yes  
Compushift Transmission Controller No No  
DipStick and Tube No No  
Cast Aluminum Dust Cover No No  
#17X Intermediate Sprag and Drum No No  

All 4L80E transmissions have a 6 bolt cast aluminum dust cover.

1998 back 4L80E transmissions have a 6 bolt bellhousing bolt pattern and 1999 up transmissions have a 7 bolt pattern.

1997 up transmissions have a front and rear cooler line and on 1996 back both lines are located in the front.

All 4L80E transmissions have the old style flywheel. The 1997 up transmissions where redesigned for better lubrication, but they don’t seem to be any better than the 1996 back type.

The 2001 back transmissions have a stronger roller clutch. On 1995 up transmissions the neutral safety switch is on the side of the transmission at the shift lever


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