5R110W Level 4 Full Billet Combo Kit, Alto G3 Performance Master Kit with Four G3 Power Packs

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SKU: K110-4. AT 2005-On 166750CHP, 2003-2004 AT 166750BHP, OHK 166800X, PIS 166670. TS TG T16165A. SX SNP RNG 36885, 5 END PLGS 36904-17K. Categories: , , Tags: ,


Level 4 5R110W Full Billet Combo Kit, G3 Performance Rebuild Kit

# K110-4. The level four 5R110W Full Billet Combo Kit comes with a Transgo T16165A Shift Kit for better shifts. A Master Kit with four Alto G3 Power Packs and Kolene steels are included for more holding power. The kit comes with 8 molded pistons and updated K0129 Low / Reverse one way clutch snap ring. This Combo Kit comes with a 3-B high performance / heavy duty Triple Clutch Billet Torque Converter. This converter is a multi disk design with three friction surfaces and has much more holding power. Other upgrades include the 499700M 300 Maraging Allow Steel Input Shaft and 5 36940-17K valve body pressure switch O-ring end plugs. Plus you get our 389744 or 389743 Billet Overdrive Planet Gear, 389701E or 389701D Billet Intermediate Shaft, 427604 Billet Rear Ring Gear Hub and 14208 Derale extra deep pan.

Combo Kit Rules: It doesn’t get any better than this folks, now you can have your parts and save money too. You may be eligible for other discounts on any parts needed for your rebuild, if you buy them at the same time as the master rebuild Combo Kit. Torque converters can be deducted from any Combo Kit at the price charged in that kit and you’ll still receive the same discount rate on that kit. Any other parts for that type transmission can be added to a Combo Kit at the same discount rate for that kit, if not already listed as an add-on / upgrade for that kit. There are no discounts given on fluids, books, DVD’s or crossmembers.

Build your own Combo Kit: Buy any 4 part numbers for the same type transmission at the same time that totals $500.00 or more and receive a 10% discount on those parts. Any one of the 4 part numbers must be at least $30.00 each.

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