* Powerglide / PG Heavy Duty Planetary Rebuild Kit 28922-01HDK

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PG Heavy Duty Planetary Rebuild Kit

Part No. 28922-01HDK

  • Pinion Pins (6)
  • Needle Rollers (185)
  • Thick Pinion Roller Spacers (3)
  • Thin Pinion Roller Spacers (12)
  • HD Figure 8 Thrust Washers (3)
  • HD Rear Tab Thrust Washers (6)
  • HD Rear Sun Gear Thrust Washer with Bearing
  • Retainer Plate
  • Endplay Shim
  • Screws (3)

1.76 ratio pinion spacing , Upgraded materials

Sonnax offers the HD planetary rebuild kit 28922-01HDK, which includes several heavy duty components and all the parts needed to rebuild or refresh a Powerglide planetary with 1.76 style pinion spacing, including Sonnax 1.80 and 1.69 ratio carriers. This kit is a substantial upgrade for greater reliability, wear resistance and longer service life in the Powerglide planetary. The pinion thrust washers are steel-backed, bimetal washers impregnated with a very wear-resistant PTFE layer to reduce friction and stress from rotating pinion gears. The figure 8 thrust washers are further strengthened with a wider web between the two ends. The retainer plate is heat-treated steel and tougher than standard plates. The rear sun gear thrust washer incorporates an enclosed thrust bearing within the thrust washer that eliminates compression and distortion of the standard thrust washer due to input shaft thrust loads.

  • Thrust washer PTFE coating has high wear resistance, low heat and long life
  • Steel backed bimetal washers for greater strength
  • Upgraded rear sun gear to output shaft bearing
  • Hardened pinion pin retainer plate
  • Figure 8 thrust washers have a wider web for increased strength
  • All parts needed for rebuild or refresh

NOTE: When using rear sun gears other than Sonnax current production, machining may be required to allow clearance for bearing.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 5 in