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#K4L80-E Shift Kit. Fits 1991-2003 4L80E transmissions, with steel valves.

$ 84.00

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Shift Correction Package

#K4L80-E. Fits 1991-2003 4L80E transmissions, with steel valves.

This valve body kit deals with these problems:  * Runaway high pressure   * Erratic pressure rise   * Converter lock-up shudder   * Inconsistent shift feel   * Shift solenoid filter blow-out   * Premature unit failure   * Fits 1991-2010

1. The Superior 4L80E valve body kit offers the option of regular and heavy duty applications in the same package.   2. A complete pressure regulator valve train is supplied in the 4L80E kit.   3. Failsafe, runaway high pressure will crack the case. The PR valve train supplied in this Shift Correction Package will stop runaway high pressure before it happens.

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