SUPERIOR K400, TH400 Shift Correction Package K400 1965-UP

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TH400 Shift Correction Package Superior Number K400 1965-UP.

This valve body kit deals with these problems:   * Soft late shifts   * Soft 2-3 shifts   * Harsh reverse engagement   * Clutch chatter   * Bind up in manual low when hot   * Heavy duty snap ring for intermediate clutch

1. The Superior 400 valve body kit offers the option of regular and heavy duty applications all in the same kit.   2. The kit supplies metal rings for the 2nd accumulator. This one is for the model years that used teflon rings. Teflon rings in this application did not perform well.   3. The Shift Correction Package comes supplied with a thicker heavy duty snap ring for the intermediate clutch. The stock ring blows past the lugs in the case which in turn leaves the case with broken lugs. With the specially engineered Superior snap ring, cases with 2 to 3 broken lugs can be used with no fear of failure.


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Dimensions 12 × 12 × 3 in