General Motors Transmission Mount Spacer-Block Two Inches Tall, 2WD

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General Motors Transmission Mount Spacer-Block Two Inches Tall. 2WD

This transmission mount Spacer-block is used in between the crossmember and transmission mount, whenever swapping transmissions that may have a different tail shaft that raises a mount location to a new and different height, above the crossmember. This spacer bolts to your transmission mount. This is Not a transmission mount, only a spacer block.

• Steel Spacer-Block measures ( 4.90”in.Wide x 2.00”in.Tall x 1.50”in.Thick )

• Will work with all General Motors two-bolt style transmission mounts.

• Slots measures 1.50” in. between the centers with two holes .50” in. dia. in the base.

Spacer will provide solid contact between transmission mount and transmission crossmember.
Flat washers will never provide the same contact, or rigidity as a Spacer -Block will accomplish.

* Check your transmission mount dimensions and hole spacing prior to purchasing *


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 6 in