Powerglide / PG Forward Clutch Hub. Sonnax Number 28304

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PG Forward Clutch Hub

Part No. 28304


With lightening holes, for standard drum


Sonnax forward clutch hub 28304 is designed for the extra duty requirements of drag racing Powerglides. Machined from a high- quality medium carbon steel forging, this direct clutch hub accepts five friction discs for the added load capacity needed in high horsepower racecars. All splines and thrust surfaces are precision machined to exacting tolerances, and the unique lube hole pattern is designed to reduce drag on the friction discs in low gear. The hub also features five lightening holes to reduce rotational-weight without compromising strength.

  • Accepts five friction discs for increased load capacity
  • Machined from high strength steel forging
  • Precision machined splines and thrust surfaces
  • Strong construction
  • Lube hole pattern for reduced drag on friction discs in low gear

Additional information

Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 4 in