Ford C6 Combo Kit Level 3 late 1976 to 1996 with Red Eagle Clutches and Kolene Steels

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Ford C6 Combo Kit, Level 3, late 1976 to 1996.

#K8. Fits all Ford C6 transmissions, late 1976 to 1996. You get the #23XXX Alto Red Eagle master rebuild kits with all Red Eagle clutches and Kolene steels, the #51312, C6 Fairbanks TransAction kit. This TransAction kit improves shift timing to eliminate the slide 2-3 shift under heavy throttle. Delivers full manual control at any speed which increases the overall performance level, the Sonnax R Servo that performs as the Ford “R” servo. Due to the apply-to-release ratio, this servo delivers the best overall shift feel and timing. The C6-R Servo delivers positive 1-2 and 2-3 shifts. This Servo delivers a clean 3-2 kick down and a #1WRB Alto extra wide Red Eagle Power Band. 10% OFF

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