5R55W / N / S, All Models, Shift Correction Package Number K5R55W/N/S

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5R55W / N / S, All Models, Shift Correction Package Number K5R55W/N/S

Due to the factory design of no cooler flow cold, it is extremely temperamental to fill and get a correct level, as well as running extremely hot compared to others without flow control systems. We finally broke thru with our patent pending Sure-Cool Full Time Cooler Flow Valve along with enhanced Lube system that nearly Triples the Flow thru the cooler and parts, especially the O.D. Planetary. These Flow Control Upgrades virtually eliminate front Planetary Burn-up due to lack of Poor/ No lube. This new system also furnishes a built in cooler bypass system that if the unit is extremely cold (fluid starts to gel) or in the event the cooler is blocked / restricted, flow to the parts still occurs – protecting your investment.

This New K5R55W/N/S Shift Correction Package includes:   * Our Ever Popular K060 “No Stick” Line Pressure Relief Valve Kit   * New Lock-up upgrade system that allows an On-Off Type Apply that is proof the lock up apply does not have to be firm and harsh to be fixed   * 3-4 Drum Piston return springs replace the often found fatigued originals, due to band and drum burn up   * Addresses several TCC error & shift solenoid error codes as well as P0740   * Keeps Solenoid Blocks, Parts and Components Cooler and well lubricated With these New system Upgrades and Superior Quality “Real Steel” Components backed with solid TransLab Engineered improvements from Superior Transmission Parts, Inc. you now have a choice.


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