Ford 10R80 GEN 2 Blue Plate Special Clutch Master Kit by Raybestos

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GEN 2 Blue Plate Special® Friction Clutch Pack ModuleFord 10R80 GEN 2 Blue Plate Special Master Kit by Raybestos with Blue Clutches, Premium Steels and Overhaul Kit with Pistons.

Raybestos Powertrain Ford 10R80 and GM 10L80 GEN 2 Blue Plate Special Clutch Pack Modules contain upgraded friction components manufactured for all types of serious racing applications.

Recommended Use:

Serious racing applications; with optimum benefits in dynamic clutch positions

GEN2 – BLUE PLATE SPECIAL The Ultimate Racing Material

Gen2 Blue Friction Material

An ultra-strong friction-resin mix produces the highest torque capacity and energy absorption with the less wear than all competitor plates.


3 A Clutch,  5 B Clutch,  5 C Clutch,  6 D Clutch,  5 E Clutch,  4 F Clutch

Friction Material Type:

The Gen2 Blue Plate Special, the ultimate racing clutch for automatic transmissions, is the perfect clutch for ALL TYPES of racing. It features an improved Raybestos-developed material that offers optimum shifting at a level above standard racing clutches. It provides a positive engagement under high power conditions where all of the energy absorption is condensed into a very short length of time. Gen2 is a state-of-the-art, power absorbing clutch that performs with very low wear, excellent fatigue strength, high durability and quick shifts with little shock for even faster times.


  • Made with high-strength, matrix bonding resins for superior performance
  • Manufactured with high-strength steel
  • Less shock during shifts
  • Greater durability to last race after race
  • Excellent fatigue strength to handle high power cycling
  • Withstands higher torque and horsepower per plate than the competition
  • Made In USA
10R80 Transmission Specs
Class: 10-speed
Production: 2018 – Present
Torque Converter: 260 mm
Gear Ratios:
1st – 4.7,  2nd – 2.99,  3rd – 2.15,  4th – 1.8,  5th – 1.52,  6th – 1.28,  7th – 1,  8th – .85,  9th – .69,  10th – .64, Reverse – 4.87

Additional information

Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 16 × 20 × 6 in