Early Camaro to 700R4 / 200-4R Conversion Kit

$ 504.00

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  Convert your 1967- 1981 Camaro with a 305 / 350 / 400 / 454 motor from a 3 speed TH350 or TH400 transmission to a 700R4 transmission (or other GM overdrive transmission). Also fits 1968 – 1974 X-Body cars. You get the G-Force 700R4 crossmember on a 1967 to 1981 F-Body Camaro and on a 1968 to 1974 X-Body cars. These crossmembers will take up to 3 1/2 inch dual exhaust pipes. You also get a 700R4 throttle valve cable, 700R4 dipstick and tube with locking top, all Delco 700R4 speedometer parts for cable driven speedometers, flexplate, Holley or Edelbrock carburetor adapter, poly transmission mount, 700R4 torque converter bolts, throttle valve cable bracket and a 700R4 wiring pigtail for the lock-up type torque converter. This total 700R4 conversion kit sell for $502.00 on a 1967 to 1981 F-Body Camaro and 1968 to 1974 X-Body cars. The $4.00 per gallon gas will feel like $2.80 per gallon gas with an overdrive conversion. You can add to or remove from this kit as needed. Add this kit to the transmission of your choice for the total conversion parts price.

When you check out we need to know in the comment box, motor, tire height, rear end ratio, car year and transmission type.


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Weight30 lbs
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