Deluxe AOD Installation Kit for 1965 to 1973 Mustangs / AOD TV Cable Adjustment Tips

$ 599.00

Carburator ? *

Speedometer Driven Gear Needed ? *

If none of these will work then you also need a ratio adapter.

Motor ? *

Six bolt motors only.

Year ? *

Tire Hight ? *

Rear End Ratio ? *

Speedometer Drive Gear Needed ? *

If these don’t work you will also need a ratio adapter.


AOD Installation Kit 1965 to 1973 Mustangs / AOD TV Cable Adjustment Tips

  #K65M. You get the AOD to early Mustang crossmember, Lokar throttle valve cable, correct speedometer driven gear, correct flywheel, dip stick, shift lever kit, carburetor adapter for Holley or Edelbrock, transmission mount, block plate, inspection plate and four torque converter nuts.

You can add to or remove from this kit as needed. An AOD with a 10 1/4″ tail housing is only 1/4″ longer than an early Mustang C4 therefore you should be able to reuse your old driveshaft and yoke. In the Comment Box: We need to know your motor size and year, year of car, carburetor brand, tire height, rear end ratio and if possible the number of teeth on your speedometer drive gear located on the output shaft. The only upgrades to this kit would be a SFI flexplate, cast aluminum pan, speedometer housing parts, wiring harness and oil. The $4.00 per gallon gas will feel like $2.80 per gallon gas with an overdrive conversion.

HPIM1320.JPG (45227 bytes)                 

Other parts you may need for your conversion.


Notice the Holley adapter on the carburetor and the helper return spring on the throttle valve bottom lever. On a stock AOD the correct pressure adjustment usually is minimum throttle valve cable pull at minimum throttle opening (idle) and on an AOD with a Shift Kit installed the correct setting usually is full cable pull at full throttle. If you have a Holley or Edelbrock you must have an adapter installed.

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Weight20 lbs
Dimensions24 × 16 × 12 in


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