Crossmember 1964 to 1972 A Body Convertibles or Boxed Frame #RCAEC2 / #RCAEC1-400

$ 289.00

1964 to 1972 A Body Convertible *


Measurements: 43 1/4″ hole center to center on TH400.  Measure before ordering.

” 1964 to 1972 A Body Convertibles “

This crossmember fits 1968 to 1972 A Body convertibles or box frame with a TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T10, 700R4 and early 4L60E transmissions. Order 64-67 #RCAEC1-400, for TH400.

1964-1972 Chevelle, Malibu, Monte Carlo, El Camino, Skylark, GS, Cutlass, 442, Lemans, Tempest, GTO Crossmember – Convertible or Boxed Frame

Fits the following transmissions: TH350, Muncie, Powerglide, T-10, 700R4, 4L60, 4L60E, TH400, 2004R, super T-10, Saginaw, TH200. Finished in a black powder coat. Includes new mounting hardware. Purchase transmission mount separately. p/n GMTM.

1968-1972, convertible or boxed frame (1 option) (note: distance between crossmember frame holes is approximately 47-1/2″ (all but TH400). Measure your frame or crossmember to insure proper selection)

p/n RCAEC2 installation notes:

  • the crossmember is installed with the transmission mounting tab positioned towards the front of the car.
  • the crossmember is installed so that the exhaust clearance humps are closed on the top and open on the bottom.
  • the supplied aluminum spacers are utilized to provide custom positioning of the transmission mount. They are to be positioned between the crossmember mounting tab and the transmission mount. Select the desired amount of spacers and match a bolt of proper length to insure full engagement into the transmission mount. Some applications will not require any spacers.
  • some vehicles of this generation are equipped with a crossmember that bolts directly to the vehicles frame rail, while others are equipped with a crossmember that utilizes a tab that sets on the frame rail and is then clamped by a steel cap that is embedded with a rubber liner. The RCAEC2 crossmember bolts directly to the frame rail and utilizes the factory frame holes. To utilize the provided 7/16 hardware it is necessary to enlarge the holes in the frame rails with a 1/2″ drill. If the installer chooses to utilize the stock size 3/8 hardware, it is strongly recommended that the installer obtain Grade 8 fasteners and washers to compensate.

Additional information

Weight35 lbs
Dimensions6 × 11 × 57 in


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