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Cable X, Motor Driven Speedometer Cable

$ 369.00

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#68. Install a mechanical tachograph or operate a mechanical speedometer on a vehicle equipped with an electronic speedometer signal (sensor). You can do it — quickly and easily — at a cost far below that of buying and installing drive gears in the transmission. You save on the cost of buying and installing electronic tachographs and speedometers. Cable X lets you use popular, low cost mechanical tachographs such as Abbott, Argo, Sangamo, Servis Recorder and Veeder-Root, and mechanical speedometers such as Autometer, Clark Brothers, Datcon, Stewart Warner and Teleflex. It operates at accurate speeds -plus or minus 2%- on the most common OEM electronic speed signals, and is as easy to install as any electronic tachograph. You save hours of downtime installing gears into the transmission, and you don’t have to mess with troublesome, expensive and long cables.

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