* C6 Cable Operated Modulator, no vacuum needed. Includes cable mounting hardware

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C6 Cable Operated Modulator, no vacuum needed.

#4X2. C6 Cable Operated Modulator, no vacuum needed. This works well for superchargers and on diesel motors without a vacuum regulator. This modulator uses a 700R4 throttle valve cable.

The Mechanical Modulator is designed to take the place of the vacuum modulator on FORD transmissions. NOTE: Includes cable mounting hardware for 6.9L / 7.3L Ford diesel engines.

C-6 Application in a vehicle with a
6.9L or 7.3L Diesel
You will find two brackets in the kit with the
mechanical modulator. The smaller bracket is
to attach the detent cable head to the breather

The longer bracket is used to attach the inner
wire end to the accelerator bracket.
It uses the retaining bolt from the accelerator
bracket and is installed as shown below, with
the accelerator cable shown installed above.
You may find it easier to attach the cable head
to the first bracket before installing as it is a
tight fit. Once the cable head is installed into
the first bracket the inner cable end can be
attached into the connector on the installed
long bracket.


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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 5 in