AS69RC AS66RC Oversized SLT Piston Kit Sonnax Number 122740-17K

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AS69RC AS66RC Oversized SLT Piston Kit Sonnax Number 122740-17K.

Significant bore wear at the SLT accumulator bore is common in Aisin Seiki AS66RC and AS69RC transmissions. This can allow SLT pressure to exhaust and may result in unstable line pressure, low pressure, delayed shifts and various flared and harsh shifts. Reaming the bore and installing Sonnax oversized SLT accumulator piston kit 122740-17K will restore proper clearances and hydraulic function.

  • Piston
  • Spring
  • End plug


  • Harsh shifts
  • Delayed shifts
  • Erratic SLT pressure
  • Low line pressure
  • Erratic line pressure


SLT accumulator piston bores are very prone to wear, allowing SLT pressure to exhaust.


Sonnax oversized SLT accumulator kit restores proper function and clearances.

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Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 4 × 4 × 2 in