AODE / 4R70W, Main pressure valve 1991-1995, worn main regulator valve

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A common complaint in vehicles with an AOD-E/4R7OW transmissions is low line pressure or throttle sensitive buzz, especially when hot. This is often caused by a worn main regulator valve. The valve frequently wears on the boost spool diameter and allows EPC (electronic pressure control) oil to leak to exhaust. This leakage results in poor line rise. When the oil temperature increases, the oil becomes less viscous and more leakage occurs.

Replaces ’95-Earlier 4-spool valves only. DOES NOT replace 3-spool valves.


  • Erratic buzz
  • Low line rise
  • Low Reverse boost
  • Poor shift quality
  • Premature band failure
  • Premature clutch failure
  • Soft shifts
  • Uncontrolled pressure in Reverse


Regulator valve wear allows critical fluid loss that results in driveability concerns.


Renew pressure regulator performance and revive line pressure control by installing Sonnax main pressure regulator valve.

Vehicles with 4R70W and AODE transmissions often have erratic line pressure, poor line rise and/or throttle-sensitive buzz. This can result in harsh or soft shifts and band/clutch failure as well as other driveability concerns. Worn pressure regulator valve spools allowing pressure escape are a common problem in these units. Installing Sonnax main pressure regulator valve 76948-01 restores normal line pressure operation in all ranges.

If bore is excessively worn, install Sonnax oversized pressure regulator and boost valve kit 76948-16K.

  • Hardcoat anodized aluminum valve combats premature wear
  • Annular grooves help center valve in bore to reduce side-loading

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