* Alto 183004A. 6R80 Bonded Valve Body Plate. Late Version. 2011-On.

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#183004A. E510F Stamped Plate Code.

6R80 Bonded Valve Body Plate. Late Version with a One-Way Clutch. 2011-On.

Note: the passage hole in the late 2011 on 6R80 plate, Alto #183004A, has been removed, and the D2 Clutch valve in the valve body has been eliminated. On the early 06-08 6R60/75/80 plate, Alto #183004, this passage hole remains for pump feed pressure to the D2 Clutch. 

Click Here for Valve Body Plate Listings. Look at the OEM code number stamped on your plate.


Additional information

Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 16 × 2 in

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