RTK-1033 Allison 1000 C3 GPZ Torqkit module. This is the “Pro” series Raybestos kit 1999-2010

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Pro Series

RTK-1033 Raybestos Allison C3 Torqkit module for your Allison Transmission. This is the “Pro” series Raybestos kit for the C3 clutch pack. This kit REQUIRES MACHINING and is not recommended for the amateur builder. This new Raybestos pro-series kit allows you to add an additional clutch to the #C3 clutch pack bringing the total clutch count to 6 GPZ clutches @ .071 and 5 steels @ .098. We also include a .125 apply plate and a P1 ring gear spacer. This is a max effort clutch module for the C3 clutch module. This module fits all Allison #C3 clutch packs from 1999-2010.  This new heavy duty Raybestos Torqkit clutch pack is made using the latest generation of the GPZ friction material Specifically designed for high torque and high load usage. Instructions are provided.

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Weight4 lbs
Dimensions12 × 12 × 5 in


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