* Allison 1000 RTK-1025, (formerly rtk1023) C3 Torqkit drop in module for your Allison transmission, 25% increased area (2011-On)

$ 170.00

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RTK-1023 Raybestos Allison C3 Torqkit drop in module for your Allison transmission.

This upgraded Powerpack fits the #C3 clutch pack on all 2011-On Allison transmissions.

This New clutch pack will increase your C3 clutch pack to 5 GPZ frictions @ 0.071 and 5 steels @ 0.098.

This one additional clutch and steel added to this powerpack to which is a 25% capacity increase.

This new heavy duty Raybestos Torqkit clutch pack is made using the latest generation of the GPZ friction material Specifically designed for high torque and high load usage.

This is a complete drop in kit with detailed instructions. This ONLY FITS Allison 2011-On Allison C3 Clutch Packs.

Additional information

Weight 4 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 5 in