Allison 1000, Billet Duramax Black Oxide Coated Flexplate, twice as thick as stock

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Allison 1000, Billet Duramax Black Oxide Coated Flexplate.

#AFP. When additional horsepower and torque are added to your duramax, you run the risk of cracking the stock flexplate. Designed to handle up to 1500 ft / lbs of torque, the new Duramax Black Oxide coated flexplate is corrosion resistant to prevent hydrogen embrittlement, billet machined and precision balanced for ultimate strength. This flex plate is twice as thick as stock and has passed the stringent 29.3 SFI testing, making it legal for use in race sanctioning bodies specific to High Horsepower diesels. These units are a direct bolt-in and fit any OEM or aftermarket torque converter. Fits Allison 1000 2001 Up. No Discounts.

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Weight8 lbs
Dimensions16 × 16 × 4 in


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