Adapter to install a Chevy 700R4 transmission on a Ford Small Block motor 1968-1980

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Adapter to install a Chevy 700R4 transmission on a Ford Small Block motor.

#56. Adapter to install a Chevy 700R4 transmission (and others) on a Ford Small Block motor. Comes with the flywheel, adapter plate, flywheel adapter, dust cover and bolts. See the AOD page for more details.

Fits early type 1968 to 1980 302 and 289 motors with 164th tooth 28.oz balance flexplate.

This adapter plate assembly is used to adapt a Ford small block 289 / 302 to the GM TH350, TH400, and 700R4 automatic transmissions. The adapter kit includes a steel adapter plate, plastic dust cover, torque converter adapter ring, 164th tooth 28.oz balance flexplate, GM dowel pins, fastening hardware, and adapter instructions. * adapter plate only fits 6 bolt 289 blocks*

This adapter was mainly designed to fit the popular 700R up to the Ford small block. The 700R has the lowest first gear available in an automatic transmission, which makes this combination a sought-after transmission replacement for rock crawling enthusiasts. These kits come complete with a .475″ thick adapter plate, a torque converter adapter, and a flexplate.

Note: The flexplate included in this kit has a 28. oz-in balance.

Note: The torque converter adapter ring only fits 10-3/4″ GM torque converter pattern.

Note: Adapter kit does not fit 1997 & up 4L60E / 4L65E or any late model GM 6 speed automatics (Gen III applications).

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Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 8 in


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