A518 A618 47RE 48RE Heavy Duty 4×4 Output Shaft. # 7L-4X4 – 618102

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#7L-4X4 – 618102. A518, A618, 47RE & 48RE Extra Heavy Duty 29 Spline Output Shaft for the Electronic Transmission TCS offers the extra heavy duty 4X4 output shaft for the Dodge Cummins diesel truck market. Increased shaft diameter from 1.230″ to 1.480″ for 20% additional strength. Output shaft is made from 9310 Vacumelt high strength billet steel. The radius has been increased to further protect areas prone to stress fractures. This shaft is designed for “EXTREME” service and performance applications. NOTE: This unit MUST be used with a 29 spline input gear 05086311-AA from NV 271 transfer case. Input must be shortened, see instruction.


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Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 7 in