A4LD Lock Up Torque Converter Pressure Switch, This is an automatic engagement solution 50 PSI

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#A4LDPS. A4LD Lock-Up Torque Converter Pressure Switch. This is an automatic engagement solution for an early type A4LD 2 wire lock-up. The pressure switch is installed in the governor portion of the transmission body. When the fluid pressure reaches the switch tolerance the switch closes completing the circuit and energizing the solenoid. We have the oil pressure switches (44, 48, 50 and 52 MPH) in stock. Start saving gas money now. Ford only offered the first version of this transmission for 2.8L powered Rangers and Bronco II’s in 1984, and 1985. We sell our heavy duty / performance version of the A4LD transmission. Pressure Switch Instructions, Click Here

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A4LD Bellhousings

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