727 / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE Reinforced Front Clutch Piston, Sonnax #22965A-01

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727 / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE Reinforced Front Clutch Piston

 Sonnax #22965A-01, OE Part No: 02464651AE, 02464651AB, 02464651AD, 02464651

OE cast front (direct) clutch pistons in listed Chrysler units crack and break , resulting in direct clutch failure. Sonnax reinforced front clutch piston 22965A-01 is made of cast aluminum and specially designed to guard against failure with additional webbing that reinforces weak areas of the piston.


The Sonnax piston is a direct replacement for OE part numbers 02464651AB, 02464651AD and 02464651AE used in ’98-later 46RE, 47RE and 48RE units. Can also be used as a replacement for OE part number 02464651 in A727, as well as ’97-earlier 46RH/RE and 47RH/RE units when used in conjunction with thicker steels to compensate for the .020″ thinner piston.


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