727 / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE Direct Clutch Backing Plate made for 15 return springs

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727 / 46RE / 47RE / 48RE Direct Clutch Backing Plate, made for 15 return springs.

The Direct clutches on a Dodge powered vehicle have always been a weak link. Whether we are talking about the 46Rh with a 3 clutch direct drum or even the Diesel powered 47 or 48RE. We have seen everything in our industry from machining another grove in the top of the drum to different thickness snap rings and even special backing plates. All of these are attempting to increase stack height within the drum itself. What gets overlooked though is clamping physics. When applying high apply pressure with a stock direct drum piston (which is just cast aluminum), deflection starts to show it ugly head. The factory cast aluminum piston is not designed to stand up to the increased pressure ramps that is typically associated with aftermarket modifications. When this occurs the piston begins to warp and apply the clutches unevenly. When applied unevenly hot spots will occur, your apply surface area is dramatically reduced as well. The other issue is the integrity of the clutch packs clamping ability is sacrificed. This why it is not unusual to open the direct drum and find coned or unevenly worn direct clutches that have prematurely worn. We have the perfect solution here with our Billet Aluminum Direct Drum Apply Piston. This piston is manufactured from high quality aircraft grade billet aluminum and then CNC’d to our exact specifications. This will allow you to now hold the power in those crazy 3rd gear wide open throttle diesel pulls. This piston not only provides a more direct apply feel but also gives you a balanced apply to all the clutches evenly. When used in conjunction with the direct drum spring and retainer kit below and our Alto Red Eagle Direct Clutch Power Pack you have a dramatic improvement over stock. A more stable Piston Apply More Friction Surface Area Higher Pressure Apply Rates = Greater Performance and Durability. This Piston fits all 727 / 518 / 46RH / 46RE / 47RH / 47RE / 48RE

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