700R4 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E Loaded Smart Tech Input Drum with Billet Input Shaft

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700R4 / 4L60E / 4L65E / 4L70E Loaded Smart Tech Input Drum with Billet Input Shaft. With Alto Red Eagle Clutches.

KIT 77733-06K. Call your Dad, turn off your phone, cancel your cable subscription, call the cops! The history of the 3-4 clutch failure in this platform is legendary. For years we have searched and developed solutions to resolve this issue. The problem has always been deflection occurring in the drum when applied with high line pressure. The solution is here now. We have in this set-up identified and corrected every weakness in the factory drum. 

We start with the input drum itself. A new Sonnax input drum support sleeve is installed to help with high shock loads. We also use a much thicker / stronger billet 3-4 clutch apply plate and backing plate to keep coning at bay. This is a common problem when we start ramping up pressures in an attempt to increase clamping load. These much stronger pieces allows us a ton of latitude now when getting aggressive with our pressures where we were once limited. Thicker Teflon steel plates are used to dissipate heat better. We also have chosen to go with a brand new billet forward piston in our builds. The factory cast forward piston is know for breaking or cracking under high stress loads. This new billet piece not only resolve that issue but also eliminates cross leaking from occurring. This assembly also gets a reworked overrun piston. We then moved on to the upgraded springs with-in the drum, but that’s not the sexiest part of this build. The sexy comes from us having the 3-4 snap ring (that is known for blowing out along with the lugs) removed from the drum entirely. We now have a bolt-on thicker billet backing plate that eliminates the ability for deflection to even creep into the picture. The stator support receives a new wider Teflon impregnated rear stator support bushing. This set-up is proven to be bulletproof as it is, but we decided we could get even nastier. Nasty you say? Yes we said nasty, we added a billet input shaft to the drum making this drum the complete solution. This is a must on vehicle with high shock loads, turbos, superchargers, nitrous etcetera. Keep in mind though when doing this you run the risk of destroying the next weakest link within the transmission which is typically the output shaft. Don’t worry though, we have you covered there as well. We also prefer to use our Alto Red Eagle 9 Count clutch pack with 8 custom laser cut full thickness Kolene steels. That is almost double the factory count in this unit still using full thickness steels. Take into consideration these steels are also much more rigid than a factory stock steel. These harder steels are less likely to warp or cone under extreme temperature. 

We now have available for you several different options in this set-up. You can purchase all of these components either independently or we can send you a pre-assembled set-up completely ready for a simple drop in. The pre-assembled set-up allows you to custom design the clutch pack configuration and is assembled right here in house @ PATC. When you purchase this new complete set-up we will have the latest upgrades available and fully loaded. You have the option of choosing your own friction materials which are shown here:

Alto Red Eagle (recommended)

9 frictions @ .060″

7 Kolene steels @ .078″

1 Kolene Steel @ .106″

Clearance @ .030-.035″

Raybestos Blue Plates

9 frictions .063″

8 steels .078″

Clearance @ 0.50″

Raybestos GPZ

9 Frictions @ .063″

8 Steels @ .075″

Clearance @ 0.50″

You get a loaded ready to install Sonnax Smart Tech input drum with your choice of three Billet Sonnax Input Shafts and your choice of three types of clutch materials on the 3-4 clutch, Alto Red Eagle, Raybestos Blue Plate Special, Raybestos GPZ. You get a Sonnax billet forward clutch piston, nine 3-4 clutches and Kolene steels, Sonnax input drum reinforcement sleeve, modified Sonnax overrun clutch piston and O-ring, short sprag inner race and bearing, 29 element Borg Warner forward sprag, sprag housing, 3-4 apply castle, 3-4 molded piston, forward clutch piston return spring and a Sonnax Teflon impregnated rear stator support bushing. The entire unit will be assembled by a PATC master transmission builder. We have reports of 700R4 / 4L60E transmissions holding up to 1500 horsepower using this treated drum and billet input shaft.


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Dimensions 8 × 8 × 20 in